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Specific Solution for Broadcasting DVB-T/T2 Analyzer

  • Advanced ECHOES with pre and post echoes analysis.
  • Graphic representation MER/carrier.
  • Constellation representation.
  • Error packets time analysis.

Path Delay Profile

  • Impulse Response without Demodulation.
  • Valid for DVB-T, DVB-H and DVB-T2.
  • Echoes outside guard interval.
  • Full display 1 period symbol OFDM.


  • Display MPEG2/MPEG4 with full HD 1080p
  • Audio decoding MPEG2 and Dolby® AC3, DD+ and AAC
  • Powerful Spectrum Analyzer: 5-2.5 Ghz. Digital IF Filter.
  • Multi-standard: DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2, Analog.
  • Exclusive Combo Mode Function: TV + Spectrum + All measures + Quality Profile.
  • Memories, Macros, Data Logs, Graphs, Scan&Log, Instant Logs and SD.
  • Analog Measures.
  • ASI


Never outgrow your purchase. A new user can start out with the base of all configurations, adding more features and fuctionality as needed. All present and future technologies deployed are backward compatible.


Preccision in all our measurements withstanding harsh temperature and humidity conditions, which coupled with its compact architecture make it a perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Gsertel has patented a battery management and recharging algorithm tha gives the equiptment more than 4 hours extended use. This is extremely critical for complex or large installations, allowing portability without having to carry an AC adapter.


Very few of us like to refer to convoluted user guides. Our OSD guided menus will allow you to get full functionality out of the equipment with little to no need of a manual. The MAIN and BACK buttons will safely return you out of any situation without risking your configuration.


Experienced users can save a lot of time being able to fully utilize both hands. We have designed our test sets so that you can manage all the OSD menus independently from the knob and shortcut keys.

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