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BSA331 - Digital Processing Technology in a Handheld format. The Universal multi-standard platform for the analysis of TV and Radio signals.


Specific Solution for Broadcasting DVB-T/T2 Analyzer

  • Advanced ECHOES with pre and post echoes analysis.
  • Graphic representation MER/carrier.
  • Constellation representation.
  • Error packets time analysis.

Path Delay Profile

  • Impulse Response without Demodulation.
  • Valid for DVB-T, DVB-H and DVB-T2.
  • Echoes outside guard interval.
  • Full display 1 period symbol OFDM.


  • Display MPEG2/MPEG4 with full HD 1080p
  • Audio decoding MPEG2 and Dolby® AC3, DD+ and AAC
  • Powerful Spectrum Analyzer: 5-2.5 Ghz. Digital IF Filter.
  • Multi-standard: DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2, Analog.
  • Exclusive Combo Mode Function: TV + Spectrum + All measures + Quality Profile.
  • Memories, Macros, Data Logs, Graphs, Scan&Log, Instant Logs and SD.
  • Analog Measures.
  • ASI


Never outgrow your purchase. A new user can start out with the base of all configurations, adding more features and fuctionality as needed. All present and future technologies deployed are backward compatible.


Preccision in all our measurements withstanding harsh temperature and humidity conditions, which coupled with its compact architecture make it a perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Gsertel has patented a battery management and recharging algorithm tha gives the equiptment more than 4 hours extended use. This is extremely critical for complex or large installations, allowing portability without having to carry an AC adapter.


Very few of us like to refer to convoluted user guides. Our OSD guided menus will allow you to get full functionality out of the equipment with little to no need of a manual. The MAIN and BACK buttons will safely return you out of any situation without risking your configuration.


Experienced users can save a lot of time being able to fully utilize both hands. We have designed our test sets so that you can manage all the OSD menus independently from the knob and shortcut keys.

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TRITON - Smart Marina & Camping Solutions. Pre-payment Services Pedestals.



  • Advanced pre-payment services pedestal.
  • Centralized working mode.
  • Pre-payment or Post-payment options.
  • Isolated WI-FI Access Point for user service.

Electrical Outputs

  • Single phase 16Amp. outputs. 2P+T CETAC IP67 sockets.
  • Single phase 32Amp. outputs. 2P+T CETAC IP67 sockets.
  • Three phase 32Amp. outputs. 4P+T CETAC IP67 sockets.
  • Three phase 64Amp. outputs. 4P+T CETAC IP67 sockets.
  • Individual meter for each output.
  • User-accesible individual protection.
  • Anti-theft system for each individual output with instantaneous unplug detection and automatic switching off.

Hydric Outputs

  • AISI 316 stainless steel 3/4" taps with stop cock for standard caudal outputs (1.5m3/h).
  • AISI 316 stainless steel 9mm fast connection fittings for standard caudal outputs (1m3/h).
  • Anodized aluminium Barcelona 25-45mm fittings for high caudal outputs (up to 7m3/h).
  • Individual electrovalve for each output.
  • Individual meter for each output.
  • Input stop cock.

AISI 316L Stainless Steel Housing

  • AISI 316L stainless steel 1.5mm thickness with anti-corrosive treatment.
  • Removable panels with security locking system for an easy access
  • Inner wall for hydric isolation zone.
  • Open bottom in the water zone for leakage evacuation and unforced ventilation of the electrical zone.
  • Internal anchors for anchoring the housing to the floor or jetty.
  • IP67 Electrical boxes and rapid exchange to facilitate maintenance.
  • IP65 inspection window for user electrical protections.
  • Protected user interface window.
  • High protection against mechanical impact and vandalism IK10.
  • Sites for identification labels.
  • Option 1 external dimensions (L x W x H): 400x410x1200mm.
  • Option 2 external dimensions (L x W x H): 800x400x800mm.
  • Weight: 45Kg.
  • Customizable exterior design.


  • 320x240 LCD with high contrast backlight, showing users connected, electricity and water consumption and remaining balances.
  • Capacitive contactless proximity switch for output selection.
  • RFID MIFARE contactless proximity user token reader.
  • Remote server for monitoring, control, and settings.
  • Remote firmware upgrade.


  • Back: 1x low power Stripe COB LED (6W, cool white).
  • Front: 2x low power Eagle Eye COB LED (1W, cool white).
  • Automatic night switch.
  • Manual switch for maintenance.


  • Remote server connection.
  • USB device provides local firmware update.
  • TFPT client provides remote firmware update.
  • Harbour server communications avalaible: Ethernet / Wi-Fi / PLC / CoaxData / RS485.

Secure Data storage

  • Local storage. 2GB micro SD.
  • Real time remote storage on central server.
  • Logs: users login, outputs active, consumptions and incidents.
  • Data encryption with remote reading and erasing.
  • User balance/credit comes from central server and is not saved into the user token.


  • ESD protection against electrical discharges.
  • Optical contactless unplug sensors with automatic switch off.
  • Automatic reconnection of outputs when a brownout occurs.
  • Customer login using encrypted token (local) or Smartphone/Tablet (remote).

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  • Office management server.
  • Working mode: Web App. Platform independant.
  • Communications: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, PLC, Coax-Data.
  • Administrative access via smartphone or Tablet.


  • User restricted access.
  • Real time monitoring of towers, users and consumptions.
  • Activity reports.
  • Tower data and firmware updating.
  • Pre-payment token interface for user balance recharging.
  • Post-payment option.


  • Harbour or Camping data settings.
  • Cost rate settings including taxes.
  • Electricity and water meters management.


  • Customer management.
  • Token management.
  • Balance management.
  • Consumption reports.
  • Customer reports.
  • Automatic billing.
  • Remote users enabling.


  • Token recharging reports.
  • Negative balance reports.
  • Customer activity reports.
  • Billing.
  • Electricity and water meters reports.
  • Detailed consumption reports.
  • Data import and export for integration with pre-existing harbour management software.

Special Functions

  • Automatic reconnection of outputs when a brownout occurs.
  • Alarms and user actions sent by e-mail.
  • Customer login using encrypted token (local) or Smartphone/Tablet (remote).

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RCS100 - Remote Monitoring System for DVB-T/T2. Monitoring system for DVB-T and DVB-T2 distribution networks to analyze and ensure the quality of the network.


Professional Monitoring: RF Analysis

  • Real-time spectrum.
  • PWR, MER, BER signal quality measures.
  • Constellation representation.
  • Up to 4 simultaneous RF inputs.

TS Analysis

  • Level 1, 2 and 3 priority error analysis as TR 101 290 recommendations.
  • PCR Jitter analysis.
  • MPEG2 buffer analysis.
  • Network delay and Max. MIP network delay measurement.
  • Alarm log analysis.
  • Up to 4 simultaneous TS inputs.

And much more...

  • MPEG2 and MPEG4 video streaming.
  • Cost-effective solution. Low consumption and size (Rack 1U 19”).
  • Local display of measures and alarms.
  • Ethernet conectivity.
  • HTML5 control application.
  • SNMP v2.0 alarms.
  • HDMI audio/video output.

Management System

Web browser accesible control and presentation environment.

All-in-one visualization

Presents a brief system status. It shows spectrum, services, measures, alarms, Pids.. All integrated in a single view for quick analysis.

PID visualization

It shows a list of PIDs with ratio, bandwidth and several information.

Services information

It shows in detail channel services information. Several views are configurable.


It shows realtime captures of the monitored channel services.

Alarms summary

It represents the alarms counter since the beggining of the monitorization.

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